Garden Wedding Ceremonies

Our unique positioning allows for wedding ceremonies surrounded by the tranquil native flora gardens followed by receptions in the stunning open glass function room with backdrop of the Adelaide Hills.

Whether it is a winter wedding with our luscious green hills, or a summer wedding with the trees in full leaf, our venue never fails to create an impressive natural view and backdrop.

Enjoy the ease of a ceremony amongst the trees, allowing your entire day to take place in the one venue. After the ceremony guetss can enjoy drinks and canapes while you have photos amongst the natural fauna and in the beautiful historic venues around the Adelaide Hills area.

Garden ceremonies are only available with a reception booking.

Unique Photo Locations

Our property is spoilt with lots of hidden spots that result in breath-taking photos.

Gollop’s Bridge is one of Adelaide’s oldest bridges and best kept secrets, with it’s ivy covered arch not visible from the road. Our Elm trees that border the gardens are over 100 years old and can provide unique photos when taken from all different angles. Or if you’re feeling game, climb down into the creek for some breathtaking shots under the canopy of the Elms.

Our garden changes season to season, creating unique backdrops for every month of the year.

From November to March, the Elm trees are in full leaf, before they begin to turn to Autumn colours in April, and finally dropping in May resulting in a crunchy rustic toned blanket over the lawns.

While the trees are bare from June onwards, the rolling hills behind become a vibrant green and water begins to flow through the creek.

By the time September comes around the creek starts to trickle, the Elms and Pear tree blossom and all the bulbs make their way out, creating a field of bluebells amongst the other plants and flowers.

As October comes to an end, the creek flows down to a trickle, the Elms start to sprout their leaves and the hill starts to brown for summer before repeating all over again.