Terms & Conditions

1. Confirmation and Deposit

1.1 A deposit of $1000.00 within 7 days of choosing the date will secure the booking which is deemed to be tentative until con rmed by deposit.

1.2 Inglewood Inn reserves the right to cancel a tentative booking where no monies have been received within 7 days of placing that booking.

1.3 The deposit is non refundable, no exceptions.

2. Guest Attendance

2.1 Final guest numbers need to be con rmed one calendar month prior to the event.

2.2 This is the minimum number to be catered and charged for.

2.3 If the number has increased we require noti cation 14 days prior to the event and a new invoice will be issued.

2.4 In the event that within 30 days prior to the function, the expected attendance gure is reduced, Inglewood Inn reserves the right to charge for the initial amount that was quoted.

3. Payment Conditions

3.1 An invoice for the balance of the venue hire fee, catering and beverage package costs will be issued one calendar month prior to the function and payment is required one month prior to the function.

3.2 Any additional charges will be invoiced after the function and payment terms will be seven days.

3.3 Inglewood Inn accepts payment via business cheque, credit card (we do not accept Amex or Diners), cash or direct deposit.

3.4 Personal cheques will only be accepted by prior arrangement with management.

4. Pricing and Menu changes

4.1 Prices contained within this information are inclusive of GST and are current at the time of issue.

4.2 There will be a increase in the price of the beverage package each year on the 1st of July which will be incurred regardless of when the terms and conditions were signed.

4.3 There will be a increase in the price of the food each year on 1 July which will be incurred regardless of when the terms and conditions were signed.

4.4 The menu may change, due to seasonal availability.

5. Venue Hire

5.1 Exclusive use of the venue is available to the client from 10:30am the morning of the wedding. If the client wishes to set up the night before, this must be arranged with the Venue Manager prior and is dependant on the room’s availability.

5.2 Our event bar will close at 12.00 am and all guests must exit the venue by 12.30 am at the latest.

5.3 All items belonging to the bride and groom must be removed from the premesis by 10am the following morning.

6. Cancellation

6.I All cancellations must be made in writing, addressed to the Venue Manager.

6.2 If cancellation is made more than 6 months in advance, we will refund all but $200.00 excluding the deposit.

6.3 If cancellation is made within 6 months of the event, we will refund all but $200.00 and 20% of what has been paid to us excluding the deposit.

6.4 In the event a cancellation is made within one month of the con rmed function date, all monies paid shall be forfeited. Inglewood Inn reserves the right to charge for the initial amount that was quoted.

7. Entertainment

7.1 Inglewood Inn requires all entertainment to be disclosed to Management 14 days prior to function.

7.2 Any food and beverage consumed by entertainers, photographers & videographers will be charged accordingly. This must be arranged one month prior to the event.

7.3 Management reserves the right to control volume levels of entertainment at all times.

7.4 Management has nal say on all entertainment and may cancel an act or performance if it is deemed to be offensive, unlawful or not of suitable character.

8. Deliveries, Building Access and Storage

8.1 Please ensure all deliveries and their times are arranged with the Venue Manager.

8.2 Access to the venue prior to the function must be arranged with the Functions Manager.

8.3 Inglewood Inn accepts no responsibility for any goods left on premises. Please advise external suppliers of the Terms and Conditions.

8.4 All items must be removed from the premises no later than 10am the following morning

9. Laws and Regulations

9.1 At no time will the client commit any act
or permit its employees, agents or invitees to commit any act that is unlawful, illegal, offensive, or is in breach of the venue’s rules. Nor can any such act breach any statutes, by- law, orders, regulations or other provisions having the force of the law including but not limited to the venue’s Liquor License.

9.2 To ensure the safety of all guests, Inglewood Inn asks that the client ensures that their function displays, equipment, goods or materials do not obstruct the re exits of the venue. Statutory signage that is lit must remain on at all times.

9.3 Inglewood Inn buildings & lawns are strictly non-smoking. Smoking must be restricted to the designated carpark area & smokers must use the ash trays provided. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate this fact to all guests attending their function.

10. Liability

10.1 The person named as Client/Company shall be responsible in full for costs and charges as a result of the agreed booking

10.2 The Client/Company shall be liable for any damage sustained to Inglewood Inn by the Client/ Company and guests, agents for, or any other persons associated with the function, whether in the room allocated for the function or any other area of Inglewood Inn.

10.3 Inglewood Inn and its employees or agents will not be liable for any injury, damage or loss of any nature, however caused (through negligence or not) suffered by the Client/Company or guests, agents for or other persons associated with the function, whether before,during, or after the function.

11. Service of Alcohol

11.1 BYO is not permitted at Inglewood Inn under any circumstances.

11.2 A beverage package must be selected for
all events. All attending guests must have the full package price paid on their behalf irrespective to their actual consumption.

11.3 Inglewood Inn reserves the right pursuant to section 125 of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 to refuse service of alcohol to intoxicated or disorderly patrons.

11.4 Intoxicated or disorderly patrons may be asked to leave the venue.

11.5 Inglewood Inn is committed to the responsible service of alcohol and will not serve to persons under eighteen years of age.

12. Garden Ceremony

12.1 Out of respect for the environment, Inglewood Inn does not permit the use of confetti, metal scatters, rice or similar items. An acceptable alternative would be rose petals. A cleaning fee with be charged if this request is ignored.

12.2 A garden bar with minimum 1 drink per guest is required if guests are not permitted to enter the function room post ceremony, prior
to reception start time, as we cannot guarantee that there will be available space elsewhere in the hotel for guests.

12.3 A $200.00 fee will apply to set up a bar on the lawns for guests to purchase their own drinks if no pre-purchased drinks are provided.

12.4 If in the event of heat or rain, the Inglewood Inn reserves the right to allow guests into the function room prior to the reception start time if we feel the outside conditions are not suitable.

12.5 Due to our gardens deciduous nature, we cannot guarantee when the trees will be in leaf each year.

12.6 Due to federal laws, smoking is prohibited on the lawns if food is being served.We would prefer guests do not smoke down there at all.

13. Basis of Agreement

13.1 Performance of this agreement is subject
to labour troubles, disputes, strikes or pickets, accidents, government (Federal, State, Local), restrictions upon travel, transportation, food, beverage or supplies, equipment failure and other causes whether stated herein or not, that are beyond the control of the venue. In no event shall
Inglewood Inn be liable for the loss of pro t or consequential damages suffered by the client.

13.2 In no event shall Inglewood Inn’s liability exceed the function cost.

14. Menu Tasting

14.1 Sit down menu tastings will be held on the second Thursday of July and December each year. Please ensure you are available on which ever date is closest to your wedding.The cost of this for the bride and groom will be refunded off your nal wedding invoice.

14.2 Canape tastings are not available, unless the venue chooses to do so.

14.3 Tastings organised outside of the set dates are at the venues discretion and will incur a charge per head.We encourage you to attend our tasting evenings instead.