Photo Locations

Our property has some truely breath taking photo locations that are easily accessible on your wedding day and only a short walk away. While each photographer manages to capture something new a breath taking every time they come out here, these are some of the more popular spots and how to access them.

Gollop’s Bridge

Located at the back of the lawns, Gollop’s Bridge is South Australia’s oldest bridge still in use. Covered in ivy and with dappled sunlight, this spot has become a must have photo for your special day.

To get there, simply head towards the back of the lawns (towards North East Road) and cross the wooden bridge. Out our courtesy to our neighbours we ask that all guests and photographers stick to our side of the property – please don’t cross the creek onto their side.

Check out our blog post on it

Photo by James Field Photography

Gum Trees

After that perfect rustic country setting? We’ve recently opened this spot up so that it’s easily accessible to couples without having to leave the property or climb over any fences (because who wants to do that in a wedding dress?!). If the creek is dry you can also easily cross here to access the hill behind.

Just remember to close any gates so that our sheep don’t get out!

Photo by Kerin Burford Photography

The Hill

This ones a bit of a hike to get to but worth it for some amazing photos!

To get there, head back out on to North East Road, and walk down towards the city. Directly after the hotel carpark you will see an access road with green signs – turn right down there. When you get to the first house directly down from the road, turn right and follow the side of the house down to the bottom. Cross the bridge and then right straight away and you’ll end up surrounded by fruit trees! Follow these along past the chicken coop and you’ll have access to the hill!

Make sure you say hello to Lucy the Sheep and George the Alpaca!

Old Cottages

Unfortunately due to to cottages being in a state of disrepair they how now been deemed unsafe and the owner requests that no photos are taken there. Inglewood Inn does not take any responsibility for couples that disregard this rule. Please remember that they are located on private property and be respectful of the owners wishes.

Photo by Lucinda May Photography