Weddings often become about the people who are attending the wedding rather than the couple getting married. Local elopements are an opportunity to forget what everyone else wants and hone in on what is important to you. You can have a personal and intimate wedding (insert something about making memories) without the hefty price tag, planning and fuss. We believe the best weddings are those that exclusively celebrate the two people getting married.

Available Wednesday and Thursday : $3,750.00

What's Included

Available Wednesday & Thursday

- Garden ceremony at the Inglewood Inn for up to 10 guests with chairs and signing table included

- Modern celebrant, including a personalised ceremony, PA system and all legal paperwork

- 2 hours of professional photography on site by Lilac in Hand Photography

- Celebrate upstairs after with a meal for the bride and groom and celebratory bottle of sparkling included. Invite your guests to also join you (not included). Guests can either order off our regular menu or our $55 2 course set menu

Food service hours
Wednesday : 6-8pm
Thursday : 12-2pm & 6-8pm

Your Celebrant

"Elopement style weddings hold a special place in my heart as I had one myself. I loved how easy it was to organise – without all the fuss of a big wedding but we still had the people we love able to share the moment with us. You can still have a personalised and fun ceremony and with it being so intimate you are able to just enjoy the moment and the day."

Your Photographer

"Being wedding photographers we see a lot of different weddings and we believe the best are those that exclusively celebrate the two people getting married.

We eloped locally ourselves in Feb 2017 and it was honestly the best thing we ever did. By not inviting anyone other than our witnesses, it allowed us to really focus on each other and what getting married meant to us. Now whenever we look back at our photos, we are reminded of the fun we had together and the memories we created."

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