Function Room Layout

Our function room is great for adapting to different sized weddings, without it feeling empty or overly crammed. Due to it being long and thin, the room is easily adaptable.

With a stunning natural backdrop, we always recommend having your bridal table centered in the room along the glass windows, with tables either side. This allows for a generous dance floor smack bang in the middle of the room so that it’s easily accessible for all guests no matter where they’re sitting (they don’t have to trek to the other side of the room for a boogie on the dance floor) and also creates a great space for speeches and first dance as well as general mingling.


Round tables are fantastic for more intimate weddings, giving the room a more fuller feel.

We recommend 6-11 guests per table and no more than 7 rounds in the room, however can go up to 8.

Dimensions : 1800 x 1800

Longs – white linen

Long rows – could we love you more? Not only are they great for socialising, they look absolutely fantastic for higher numbers and give the room a really nice open, spacious feel.

Long rows can go up to 20 guests and we recommend 4 in the room (2 either side of the bridal table). Smaller rows can also be placed in front of the bridal table for higher numbers and still allow room for a dance floor.

Lots of guests? The bigger the bridal party the better!

Dimensions : 800 x 1800 (longs) 800 x 800 (squares)

Longs – wooden tops

To add extra length we have wooden table tops that we hire externally, allowing you to seat up to 24 guests per row. For weddings booked prior to July 2019 there is a hire fee of $550. For weddings booked after these are included in your venue hire.

There is also the option to add an extra row in the area by the bar at an additional cost of $100.

Bridal Table Dimensions

10-12 seats : 5.4m

6-8 seats : 3.6 m

2-4 seats : 1.8m

Cocktail Setups

For cocktail functions it can sometimes be difficult finding the perfect balance of seating and standing. You don’t want to put too many seats out so that everyone sits down, but then you also want to make sure there is space for those who are a bit tired from dancing!

Without a bridal table I recommend 3-4 rounds, with your dance floor in the far carpark corner. This creates a great flow away from the bar.

With a bridal table I recommend 1-2 either side of the bridal table, with the dance floor in the middle.

We also have 16 silver stools that can be placed around wine barrels, inside and out.